Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still Rolling In

Well it appears that downlines work! If you have people sign up under you then you receive a small portion of what they make as an incentive to get more people to sign up. For example with Survey Savvy if someone signs up under you then you get $2 each time they complete a survey! How great is that?

To get started just see the list of survey sites below that I know pay :)

Survey companies that pay you when others take surveys too!

Join SurveySavvy here
Dans Survey Savvy Link!

As a member of SurveySavvy.com, the most effective way to earn money is through our patented referral payment system. We pay SurveySavvy.com members an average of $2 for every survey a SurveySavvy.com member's referrals complete and $1 for every survey their referrals complete.
My Surveys

I love this company. You earn points and convert them to CASH. For every 100 points you earn $1.

This is the GPT (Get paid to try) Section. This does have a referral system and can be extremely lucrative.

Free Money at FusionCash!

This site you can do the completely free offers without credit card and still make money! This is very similar to quizpoints but it pays more.

Fusion Cash


$5 to JOIN our site as Signup Bonus
$5 for refering your Friends!
1 to 10 cents for EVERY paid email!
UNLIMITED cash to Play Games!
Up to $50 for EVERY Offer you complete!
Get paid for EVERY Survey Site you join!
UNLIMITED cash for Shopping Online!


Get paid for you and your referrals viewing emails!


$10.00 signup bonus; Earn $0.02. Earn $0.02 for each advertiser's email that you read from us

Here are the survey companies that pay you to complete their suveys.. But do not have a referral system
Opinion Outpost

You will always earn Opinion Points for each survey you complete. Opinion Points are redeemable for cash. 10 Opinion Points = $1.00. In addition, some surveys may offer other payments, such as a sweepstakes or other prizes. Each survey invitation will have details about the Opinion Points possible as well as other reward details. Opinion Outpost is part of a large market research company and has been conducting market research data collection since 1987. Opinion Outpost is an online survey research panel. Joining Opinion Outpost is absolutely free. We currently accept members from the US and Canada. Opinion Outpost members receive survey opportunities each month. Members generally earn up to $5 per survey completed depending on the length and difficulty of the survey.
Join SurveySpot.com

SurveySpot gives you three ways to earn Cash and Prizes for taking surveys:

The New Instant Win Game: Every time you take a survey you will qualify to play an Instant Win game with thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.
The $25,000 Cash Sweepstakes: Earn entries into the $25,000 Cash Sweepstakes awarded every quarter.
Cash Awards: Select surveys offer cash awards for completing the survey.
NPD online

I joined the NPD Online Research Team, and I think you’d find it a rewarding experience to be a member as well. If you join the NPD Online Research team, we could both win $1,000! Also, with each additional survey you take, you'll earn another chance to win cash rewards. As a member, your opinions will be combined with those of other team members to give the world's leading companies the information they need to create products and services that meet the real needs of busy consumers like us!
Join Testspin.com

There is no referral system in place that I can find for this company. However, they currently pay $1-$5 per survey. You can cash out at $10 and it's payable in amazon codes.

Earn points to convert to Giftcard and merchandise. If you would like a referral leave me a comment with your survey email and I will forward one to you.
GreenField Online

Greenfield Online paid its members over $4,000,000 in 2006!
Instant Prizes & Rewards. Greenfield Online members are entered into a twice-monthly sweepstakes to win up to $4,000 in cash rewards.Paid Online Surveys Get paid to share your opinions and participate in easy online surveys.
Allure Product Test Panel and Surveys

I am currently part of this research panel and I love it. I test products before they are out and get to take fun surveys to earn rewards.
LightSpeed Surveys

I use this site alot. I cash my points in for Amazon Giftcards as I use these alot for christmas.

Survey Spree

Take surveys to be entered into Sweepstakes drawings.

Your 2 Cents

Earn $1-$5 for each survey completed. I have used this site many times. When you register be sure to take the time to fill out your profile! Its worth while believe me they will pay you extra for each survey you take the first time with that category. I made plenty from it.

20/20 Research

I like this company because of the Qualboards. I have made a few hundred from the Message boards they do. They have ranged from Cleaners to homeowner issues. Most of the forum boards/ focus groups are down to earth and pertain to most anyone so they seem to be fairly easy to get into!
IceBox Advisory Panel

I believe this panel is only food related. Their surveys usually are few and far between but I think I have made about 26 bucks with them after about 9 surveys. They usually pay 1-3 bucks per survey. (Not taking new applicants as of 9/27)


Ipsos not only asks for your opinions on a wide variety of topics but also offers the chance to win cash and prizes for participating in their online surveys.
It's simple! Just click on the URL below to join. The registration process will only take about 10 minutes, and once you complete the survey you will automatically be entered to win $5,000!

Socratic Forum

I have made about $100 from this company over the last few months. Their surveys are only here and there for me. They are a more technology oriented type survey company so it would probably be good if you worked in the IT type capacity. However, I have also had a few that were just about board games go figure! Either way it never hurts to try when they want to pay for your opinions :)

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